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My First Blog for Harmony

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

- what to write, what to write?

Since I am a Transformation Coach, specializing in higher consciousness, the subject choice is vast indeed, since literally everything is consciousness!

(Yogi, Michael and Aussie)

So why don’t we start with what a Transformation Coach is and go from there:)

From Careers in

Transformational coaching is similar to life coaching. It involves helping people better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes. Instead of changing how they act, however, as with life coaching clients, transformational coaching clients work on changing the way they see themselves. This might involve changing their self-image, or perceptions about themselves and their limitations.

As a Transformation Coach specializing in higher consciousness, my work revolves around the two major questions we face in our time here with Mother Gaia.

The first is: Who am I? And we’re not talking about your name, address and Social Insurance Number, nor are we referring to your profession, whether you’re a mother or father - or not, what political party or religion you identify with - if any, nor the current status of your health, the colour of your skin, eyes, hair, male or female - or both… and the list goes on and on…

We’re going much deeper than that, down to the core, the essence of who you are at the deepest level of consciousness.

The second question is: What am I doing here? What is my purpose?

This work involves many modalities and, of course, I do not work with all of them - though I do work with quite a few. Primarily, my work is centered around Meditation, Numerology, Human Design, NLP, Sound Healing (drums, guitar, crystal bowls…), Sacred Plant Medicines (healing circles and ceremonies), as well as teaching foundational knowledge on fear, chakras, energy, polarity, masculine and feminine, archetypes, your path home, your connection with Source, the nine senses (yes, you have nine:), The Seven Hermetic Principles and how our collective consciousness creates our reality - to name but a few.

I work in every area of our lives including: relationships, children and professions - though I will not work with anyone who is not working towards higher consciousness for themselves, as this is the core issue in all - and when addressed, all other issues tend to answer themselves:)

I believe strongly in the statement: A true healer is not the one to heal you, but to teach you to heal yourself. And that is my goal - to assist in the individuals gathering of the knowledge, tools and experience needed to heal themselves. Which means you are your own healer, whereas I am merely a guide:) This also means that: within time (usually between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the commitment level) the individual will no longer need my guidance for their healing and progression, and indeed will begin to help others themselves. This is what I consider success…

As a co-owner of Harmony PEC, my work is centered out of our beautiful slice of paradise here in Prince Edward County, where we offer space for practitioners holding their own retreats, as well as being part of the healing team when we hold our own.

In addition to myself, Harmony PEC also has co-operative partnerships with many of the amazing healing practitioners here in the County, as we are becoming a true healing community away from the city. Our team includes Yoga instructors, Massage practitioners, Reiki masters, Hypnotherapists, Meditation instructors, Breath-work guides, Hot/Cold plunge instructors, a Herbalist who might have actually grown out of the earth herself, Light/Energy healers and a world-class Plant Based Chef for all your culinary desires - to name but a few…

The Team’s services, as well as my own, are available to all practitioners who choose Harmony PEC as their special healing space for retreats - though we welcome them to bring their own team if it better suits their needs.

So what is a Transformation Coach you ask?

It is someone who helps heal and guide you on this journey called life - until you can see the path clearly for yourself…

Big love,

Michael :)

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Amy Cleere
Amy Cleere
28 de jul. de 2022

Amazing explanation Michael🫶

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