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Harmony Pec Retrea

The Land


We are located in Waupoos which is derived from Ojibwe waabooz Rabbit.

This was the name of Mississauga First Nation’s Chief Waupoos. As caretakers of this magical place and in spirit of those who walked here before us, we honour the Indigenous history of this land, taking only what we need.

As you enter Harmony PEC you will experience our diverse landscape including shale, Juniper trees, and free-growing Mullein. The winding drive leads to the edge of the escarpment, which offers sweeping, breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. Our yoga deck sits at the edge of the embankment with views that still the soul, slow the heart and prompt you to breathe deeply. On a clear night the glow of the stars stir the spirit to universal consciousness and higher dimensions. 




The Wetlands


The vista of environmentally-protected wetlands is a treasure chest of animal and plant life. It is biodiversity at its best. With blue and white herons, frogs, swans, eagles, owls, otters and beavers, it has its own wonderful world.


The Forest

At the heart of Harmony is an untouched 300 year old forest. The serenity, wisdom and resiliency of the trees embrace you with each step along the moss carpeted trails as you walk barefoot to connect with the earth’s energy.


The Waterfront


With 1400 ft of waterfront and stone covered beach, Lake Ontario is at your feet. Each day the water offers a different view for you to take in and wash over you. Crystal clear waters to refresh and soothe you, whether you go for a dip, lounge lakeside, or shut your eyes and unwind to the rhythm of the water.

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