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Our Unique Experiences




At the heart of Harmony is an untouched 300 year old forest. The serenity, wisdom and resiliency of the trees embrace you with each step along the moss carpeted trails as you walk barefoot to connect with the earth’s energy.




The vista of environmentally protected wetlands is a treasure chest of animal and plant life. It is biodiversity at its best. With blue and white herons, frogs, swans, eagles, owls, otters and beavers, it has its own wonderful world.




With 1400 ft of waterfront and stone covered beach, Lake Ontario is at your feet. Each day the water offers a different view for you to take in and wash over you. Crystal clear waters to refresh and soothe you, whether you go for a dip, lounge lakeside, or shut your eyes and unwind to the rhythm of the water.


A State of Being • A Land that Brings Tranquility and Connection • Lets you Release




Your stay includes five luxury cabins nestled at the top of an escarpment, surrounded by the wilded woods of nature. Each cabin is appointed with relaxed sustainable details. We believe that staying surrounded by nature provides the perfect element to help you relax and sleep well. We are all part of nature. Come and stay at Harmony and prepare to Pause – Evolve - Connect



We believe that being in harmony with mother earth and the bounty she provides is both exciting and empowering. When selecting our Nourish package to add to your retreat booking, you are honouring and nourishing your body with organic plant- based meals sourced from our many local farmers and producers, foraged from the land and artfully crafted to your plate. Chef Chris, will expand your palate with earth-inspired cuisine. A culinary experience you will not forget.



Harmony is designed to bring you together. When booking our five cabins, you and your group have the entire property to yourselves. Whether it is planning a retreat for a group of friends, clients, co-workers or family - we create your desired stay. Or bring your own group with your planned itinerary and let Harmony be your backdrop. Harmony provides the perfect retreat setting for relaxed, quiet, connection with oneself, nature and others.  

About Us
About Us

Harmony PEC started with a vision and a passion.

A space to embrace nature and respect Mother Earth, connecting oneself to the beauty and simplicity of just being.  A  place that could heal, comfort and enlighten. A stay that offered refined, relaxed, earth-friendly, nature inspired details . Plant-based food that would expand your palate, curiosity and excite your senses. A property that highlights the beauty of nature through forest trails, expansive lakefront and eco-rich wetlands, 28 acres of magic energy.

We have created Harmony PEC as a place to

Pause - Evolve - Connect


Our Team


Founders Sera and Michael have been led here by following a path of deeper learning and listening to who they were born to be. The idea for Harmony came to Michael in a meditation and soon thereafter, the right place presented itself to create this unique space in concert with nature.


Michael, a transformation coach has a full practice that includes many tools for the journeying soul. Sera has a passion for helping people be the best they can be and is passionate about sustainability and healthy eating. 


Together, and with the support of collaborators and family, they have created a place that honours the gifts and lessons that Mother Earth provides. Sera’s keen eye for sourcing materials that are both sustainable and luxurious prove the two can harmoniously co-exist. Through repurposing, up-cycling and using what comes from the land, Harmony has created a space with no detail overlooked.


Harmony PEC was created to provide space for those on a path of deeper meaning.


Join us and find yours...

Your Experiences

Absolutely incredible beauty, love and craftsmanship at Harmony PEC (Pause | Evolve | Connect) Retreat, protected within 28 acres of stunning nature we are so fortunate to access. There is a special energy at Harmony. An energy that hugs those who arrive with welcoming kindness. Pause, shortly after arriving, to notice that the tension from everyday life in your neck and shoulders has melted away.

 I needed the peace and quiet offered at Harmony PEC and the time to myself and to not tend to others' needs in order to hear what I've been needing to hear for years. Pause. Evolve. Connect. The sessions and the patient, gentle discussions all lead me to connect with the part of me that was drowned out by the hustle of every day life.


To top it off, we were lovingly nourished beyond belief with fully plant-based meals created by the incredible, energetic, creative, kind, Chef Chris Byrne.


It's no wonder the retreat was so successful. Truth, beauty and goodness. Love. Kindness. Friendship. Nourishment.

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Honoured recipient of the 2022 Quinte Business Achievement Award for Sustainability of the Year!

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